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We play in bands, put on shows, book venues, build band websites, put out records and travel across North America in vans. With the demise of Stillepost, Toronto lost its best source of online concert listings; we decided to make our own. We created the website we wanted to use, and we hope you’ll like it, too. There are so many great concerts still to come, and we want to make sure you don’t miss any of them.

Mark Pesci promotes concerts in Toronto. He acts as talent booker for Smiling Buddha and works independently with venues throughout the city.

Chris Slorach plays in METZ, a Toronto-based band putting out records on Sub Pop.

Greg Sullivan runs a Web design studio called Swivel Base. He previously co-founded Doublenaut, a design studio specializing in music graphics.

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Mark Pesci, Chris Slorach and Greg Sullivan

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Greg Sullivan

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Mark Pesci and Chris Slorach

Mark Pesci, Chris Slorach and Greg Sullivan